I’ve been up and down.  I’m north and home once again.  Got to spend a good chunk of time with TORRIE and friends.


You can now see my VIRTUAL BOOK SHELF, if you like, over at LIBRARYTHING.COM (I prefer the “Cover View” to the “List View”…but I’m just visual like that).  It’s a 100 book sampling of what I have sitting around on my shelves.  On my profile page you can click on “author cloud” and that’s pretty neat.  Anything that promotes literacy is good, because literacy means more potential customers…


I came home to jump, in fear, at finding a mysterious Raggedy Andy sort of a doll sitting on my writing desk.  In a room like mine (all skulls, cackling Jack-o-Lanterns, and raven grins), something like this doll is frightening…especially when it apparently got there on its own cognition.


“Hello,” I said.


“…” answered the doll.


“If you can hear me…don’t nod your head . . . good.  OK, if you don’t plan on coming to life and murdering me tonight . . . don’t nod your head.”


The doll responded and I was relieved . . . to a point.  I’ve had a history with malevolent dolls (for more details, ask me about ROBERT THE POSSESSED DOLL OF KEY WEST).


But it didn’t offer an explanation as to why it was there.  And it was familiar…sort of…maybe not…I didn’t know.


The next day, I found out the doll didn’t get there on its own.  My Mom had gone through some old boxes and found it and thought I’d want it.  It was a gift to me, as an infant, from my godparents (a friend of theirs made it).  It’s just as old as me.

I was much more recently given a sort of knock-off-of-Jack-Skellington doll from GENENDA.  I think I’ll put the two dolls together, lock the old doll in the Velcro-gripped embrace of the new doll, just to be safe.  I think a charmingly morbid doll would protect me from a deceptively cute doll (my inner universe has a peculiar set of physics…just go with it).


That’s all for now.


RANDOM COMMENT MADE IN A CONVERSATION TODAY:  “Midgets are proof that the universe has an inherit sense of humor.”