Mark your calendars.


I’ll be a featured reader at TWILIGHT TALES on January 29th, at 7:30 pm (at the RED LION PUB).  I’m still figuring out what I’m reading and what the official title of it all will be…but I should be enjoying the sound of my own voice for a good long while.  Who wants to come cheer me on?  Besides me you have a nifty group of writers and a cool, British style pub complete with hauntings.  They celebrated their 13th aniversary this last Monday and I got to drink (mostly) for free (grin).


I think something’s busted inside my foot.  My mom was cleaning the bottom of a very large shelving unit and I had it balanced, on arms and on my hip.  It slipped and came down with a mighty crash on my right foot, on the “knuckle” of my big toe and the area behind, which sticks up just a little higher than the rest of the foot, so the force came down on that one point, instead of dispersing.  I’ve never broken a bone in my life (though I’ve certainly suffered incidents where I should have) and I’m not sure if I have now.  The force of the blow made me nauseous for several minutes.  I sat and held my head in place so it wouldn’t spin off.  But it’s hard to read the wound . . . it’s not really on a joint or moving part.  I walk on it and think…that’s not so bad…but then I’ll take a shower and the force of the water hitting the top of my foot makes me think I’ll pass out.


But enough about my boo-boos.


What are you watching these days?


Lots and lots of Get Smart episodes.  My Dad just got the entire series on DVD.


What are you reading these days?


Lenore: the cute little dead girl (vol. 1).  I’m also reading Making Comics by Scott McCloud.  This is a great book.  McCloud breaks down the language of visuals combined with words and whether you ever plan on making comics or not, it’s a great read in terms of a study in communication.  It’ll give you some extra respect for the medium.


A comic book (or graphic novel, if you prefer) idea has been haunting the space between my ears for a while.  I’ll sit down to work on something else and then several separate pieces (characters, images, flashes) of this book hit me and I have to write it down.  It’s fleshing itself out really fast.  Tentatively, I’d title it Gun-Dead (or maybe GUndead, if I wanted to be really cute…and I like to be cute).  Among other things, it’d involve a little boy or girl (haven’t decided), a bit of voodoo (go figure), and a possessed Tommy-gun that likes to swear.