Conversation with my mother:


Mom:  [on the phone with my Dad]  “ . . . yeah?  You’re son is here, helping me frost Christmas cookies . . .” [back to me now]  “He says that’s adorable.”

Me:  [I stop my frosting]  “Well tell him not to tell anyone.  I have this creepy reputation to protect.”


What’s new?  My knee is still not acting right.  Still waiting on the novel contest.


Over the weekend, I got to see many people I dearly missed . . . but yet and still I didn’t get to everyone.  Weekends need to be longer.  This is my platform, as Emperor of America.  Posters coming soon.


Candlebox’s song, “You,” just came on my random mix (“Is this blood on my hands all for you?”) which makes me think of what I have on my screen just now . . . my online (partially in person) writing class is at an end and I got back, with some glowing remarks, the only story that got a 100/100 score.  It’ll be one of the interlude chapters in the coming draft of my epic . . . but it’s a stand alone story, so you really don’t need to know anything else to read it.  I don’t usually post whole stories on this journal anymore . . . but here ya go.  I’ll probably try and get this published soon, but you won’t tell them that I posted this here, will ya?


Our little secret:

Blood, Snow, and Sparrows

©Joshua Alan Doetsdch


 [Story deleted.  If you’ve come back this far, you’ll just have to ask me where you can find a coppy (hopefully published) to read.  –Josh]