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The last few weeks have been fun. I visited various friends in various places along Illinois. I drank a bit of absinthe and had a green tinged walkabout through a graveyard. I was going to go to work as a Mosquito assassin by night…but now it looks like I’ll be earning my pay by teaching magic tricks to children instead (which, by the bye, pays a lot more). I picked up a physical copy of my READ poster. It looks even better in person! A LOT of thanks go to the photographer and poster designer, Megan Hunter. She rocks. At the UIS library, they not only had my poster…but had a display, almost a shrine, featuring images of Poe and quotes from his works, mixed in with quotes from my book (it was as surreal as it was flattering). So yeah…if you’re in the Springfield area, you can see this stroke of my ego made manifest at Brookens Library on the UIS campus.  I have a master disk with a digital copy of the poster for those of you who wanted one (we can perhaps work out something for printing.

This last week I had me a good time or two, but there’s more fun on the way, and it might involve you . . .

This weekend marks the debut of BOOK OF DEAD THINGS, an anthology featuring my story, “Blood, Snow, and Sparrows.”  The book will premiere at Printer’s Row, a Chicago book fair, on Saturday and Sunday (the 9th and 10th).  Look for the Twilight Tales booth (our booth location is W3&4. We’re on Dearborn, about a 1/2 to 3/4 of a block north of Polk Street).  I’ll likely be at the booth here and there on both days—but I’ll definitely be there on Sunday from 2-4 pm.  There should be authors there throughout the day to sign copies.

But the fun doesn’t stop there, puppets—oh no, no, no.

The official debut party for THE BOOK OF DEAD THINGS will be held afterwards, on Sunday, June 10th from 6 – 8:30PM at VILLIANS BAR & GRILL 649 S. CLARK, CHICAGO, IL.

There will be free food, cash bar and door prizes. Many of the authors from both books will be there to sign books (which will also be for sale if there are copies left over from Printer’s Row).

For more info on Printers Row, and transportation info, check their WEBSITE.

For more info on the book and the debut party, check out TWILIGHT TALES.



That covers books…but what about music you say?  I will be available, tonight, at about 4 AM, banging on pots and pans in my room.  Seating is limited.  Standing room only.

That covers books and music…but what about cinema?  Off the movies!

My brother Nick and I will get to be Gotham city cons, escaping from prison, as couple of inmate extras in the next Batman movie.  We’ll be on the set for that towards the end of the month.

And speaking of cinema, here’s a trailer from the indi-film directed by my friend, the illimitable Matty J. It’s called Ruin.  I’m marked down as one of the co-writers (though to be fair, this is Matty’s baby…I just fooled around with a couple commas and verbs).  And you’ll get see Nick, one of the stars of the flick. Check out the TRAILER.

Following Nick’s adventures, you can see him as a badass in the TRAILER of the RAVENS FILM flick, The Fixer.

And, finally, because I promised Nick years ago that this would haunt him for the rest of his days, we will round out this little Nick Doetsch acting reel, with this bizarre performance from our youth…WATCH IT HERE…you know you want to.