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Just a few quick points:

-I discovered a pile of text messages today.  I can’t answer them.  My phone can receive text messages, but it can’t send them.  I’ll try to reply to those of you who texted me in other ways.

-I received a request, regarding MY LAST POST, to not have other people give me a kenning version of their names, but to myself give people some kenning namings.  Sounds like fun.  If you want a kenning, let me know.  I can’t promise I’ll get to all of them….but then I just might.

-This week I started my new night shift job at White Hen.  You learn a bit about your local community when working at the local convenience store.  The people there are pretty cool and it’s not all that bad . . . but it does make me yearn for a job that actually uses some of the things I incurred so much debt “learning.”  That being said…

-A few days ago I sent in my headshots and resume to Medieval Times as they were looking to fill a number of positions.  I today got a phone message from a guy over there, saying he was looking at my headshots/resume at that moment and wants me to go in on Wednesday to audition for the MC/King.  I’ll start practicing pulling swords from stones right now.  Wish me luck.

-No new word on the novel yet.  My editor, James Lowder, is still waiting for word from White Wolf on the latest iteration of the revised outline…once we get notes back on that, we’ll make final changes and then start working on the next draft…and then the exciting dates and deadlines will start falling.

-Speaking of falling…I’m excited at the change of autumn hitting.  It makes fires in the iron pit in the back yard fun, the rum dipped cigarillos better, and coffee tastier…

-I need a sugar mamma.  Maybe I should put out and ad—gives great back rubs, will travel.

-Barring that, I need a rich patron…whatever happened to the patron system!  Aren’t there eccentric rich folk out there…just a hair more creative than all the vapid heirs and heiresses fluttering about, who’d like to one-up their fellows by getting something a little more interesting than a ANOTHER house or car . . . a court poet…now THAT is power.  I’ll even wear motley.