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Hello, lovelings.

The month of Halloween is upon us, and so begin the festivities and events.  First up, on Saturday, October 13th, there will be ghost stories told at Volo Bog.  I’ll be making reservations on Friday.  The event is free (save a small suggested donation).  If interested, let me know and I’ll include you in the number.  If interested and you don’t get a hold of me before Friday, or you have your own group that wants to go, just call and make your own reservations (details below–deadline is this Sunday).  Anyone that wants to meet up at my place before hand is welcome (I live pretty close to the bog).  Afterwards, depending, we may move on to late night fright activities…folks welcome to stay at my place…and may do something Halloweenish on Sunday the 14th (haunted houses, pumpkin patches, raising Cthulu from the void, etc.).  More details on Sunday as I figure them out.

Here’s the info for the bog ghost stories:

Registration Deadline is 3:00 p.m. Sunday, October 7
- - Please REGISTER SOON! - -

Two Storytellers at Volo Bog's Ghost Stories
Register now - Registration Deadline is October 7!
contact Volo Bog at 815-344-1294 or dnr.volobog@illinois.gov

Volo Bog State Natural Area's 21st Annual Ghost Stories
Saturday, October 13 7:00 - 9:00 p.m.
Sponsored by the Friends of Volo Bog with Volo Bog State Natural Area
Donations Requested by FOVB - $5.00 / adult, $2.00 / child

Going strong since 1986, Volo Bog's Ghost Stories is taking a new turn
this year. As listeners have done for decades, we'll gather under
blankets in the dark, cold picnic area just over the hill from Volo Bog
itself. Huddled together against the chill, offering each other
security against the scary tales from two storytellers, we'll hover on
the edges of our seats.... Well, not so fast!

Sue Black will kick off our evening with stories from her collection of
Giggles, Jumps and Squeals - a whole lot of Halloween fun and a little
spooky too! These family-friendly stories celebrate the season with just
enough shivers to delight listeners of all ages. Then from Ghosts,
Shivers and Screams Sue will include a witches' brew of truly
spine-tingling stories! These are the stories that cause those little
hairs on the back of your neck to rise. You might want to bring a friend
-- it will be dark when you go home!

After intermission, the stories will become more complex and even a bit
scarier as we welcome Don Falkos. Don's ghost stories are mostly
originals that are scary in a chilling rather than gruesome or
terrifying way. They are geared to older listeners (age 10 & up is
recommended) as the plot gets a little trickier and Don takes us from
scarily familiar places like cars and closets to places more unknown - -
- like caves! Many of Don's ghost stories can be found on his CD, The
1956 Chevy Bel Air and other chilling stories.

The Friends of Volo Bog who co-sponsor the event will be requesting
donations and offering seasonal refreshments for sale. Pre-registration
is REQUIRED in order to receive a parking pass for the event - contact
Volo Bog at 815-344-1294 or dnr.volobog@illinois.gov

A bit more about our storytellers:

Sue Black has charmed audiences with her warmth and creativity since
1997, telling original and traditional stories from around the world.
Recipient of the Prairie Area Reading Council Literacy Award, Sue
combines her passion for storytelling with her delight in teaching
students and their teachers to tell stories. It's an awesome
combination! Her work includes taking students from page to stage in
residencies and as the sponsor of student storytelling clubs. She is
currently the Storyteller-in-Residence at Robert Clow Elementary School
in Naperville, Illinois.

Sue's work with student storytellers has been included in two
just-released books. In Children Tell Stories, Teaching and Using
Storytelling in the Classroom, by Martha Hamilton and Mitch Weiss, Sue's
work with student storytelling clubs is prominently cited and the
authors feature a story written by Sue about one young storyteller's
experience. National Storytelling Press has released Telling Stories to
Children, and Sue's article on storytelling and the state learning
standards is included. Visit Sue on the Illinois Storytelling, Inc.
Website at http://www.storytelling.org/directorypages/black.html

Don Falkos is a storyteller, storytelling coach, workshop leader, actor,
and locksmith. Born and raised in Aurora, Illinois, Don attended the
University of Illinois where, after years of diligent study and months
of tearful pleading with professors, he obtained a degree in Classical
Archaeology and Classical Civilizations.

Don's stories include personal and humorous tales, scary and creepy
stories, and uplifting tales that encourage the heart, the soul, and the
mind. He tells a variety of folk tales, fairy tales, and stories from
cultures around the world. He tells a series of Aesop's fables that
expose children to concepts such as honor and respect. Don also has
several programs of Bible stories. His style ranges from serious to
humorous, from personal to traditional, from quiet to downright

Don now lives with his wife and son in Madison, Wisconsin. He is a board
member of the Northlands Storytelling Network. Visit Don on the
Illinois Storytelling, Inc. Website at http

Volo Bog State Natural Area is an Illinois Department of Natural
Resources site located in Ingleside, Illinois on Brandenburg Road west
of U.S. Highway 12 between State Highways 120 and 134. The Friends of
Volo Bog is a Not-for-Profit 501(c)3 organization.