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So my friend Dori bought the video game Rock Band today.

He, Nick, and I played. It was quite fun. You can design your own rocker (all the way from looks and hair and ink and face paint and accessories and even movements and so on) and put them together to form a band. We made computer versions of ourselves and rotated between drums, guitar, and vocals.

Our band’s name is Grabthar’s Hammer.

If the writing thing doesn’t work out…I’ll fall back on that…

Vote Dead Things!

The anthology, Book of Dead Things from Twilight Tales, has been nominated by Dark Scribe Magazine for the “Best Dark Fiction Collection” prize in their Black Quill Awards.  Click on the link and give us a vote, if you feel so inclined.  If you don’t know the anthology, then just click HERE to read a handful of the short stories found in the book (including mine: “Blood, Snow, and Sparrows”).

“By Grabthar’s Hammer…what an anthology!”