I need some help.

And you (yes, YOU, the one reading this right now) might be able to help.

The lead character in my horror novel, Simon Meeks, needs a name change. I won’t go into the whole story…but his last name makes an unintentional allusion to some of his personality traits.

So…what name would you give to a misfit forensic pathologist, with an addiction to absinthe, love of silent films, and an overly personal relationship with the dead?

I’ll likely keep Simon’s first name…but I’m open to suggestions if you have a full name you want to lay on me. And so…shoot…I’m all ears. I can’t promise I’ll use a name suggested here, but you never know—when the book is on the shelves in the not too distant future, you might be able to say, “I got to name a character in a novel.”