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Pox on it!

Went over the horror story of my finances more today, now that the novel draft is in. Ugh. And double ughgh. The real world really does try to kill a body a bite at a time. I think it’s a nasty demi-god that got created in the paradigm of the last century. Disbelieve it, kids. Disbelieve.

On a happier note, I had a pretty fun week that involved me actually leaving the house. I also did a bit of creative output that served no particular purpose (just for me). I think, I am at my best when I’m only entertaining myself…and an audience stumbles upon me.

On Monday I got to visit a TWILIGHT TALES open mic and see sum writing chums and read some short fiction (which they seemed to like) and, more importantly, to get into a discussion on the philopshy and methodology of creating couples’ sex bordgames.

Also, an audio horror short fiction podcast I like to listen to, PSEUDOPOD, has purchased my story, "Blood, Snow, and Sparrows". I just sent in the contract earlier this week. That means that, sometimes in the near future, they will record an audio reading of my story and broadcast it on their podcast, meaning you can download it to your little iPods, meaning my story can be fed into your digitially via the ears, meaning I’ll be sitting between your ears and in your heads…

I’m a huge fan of audio fiction and am very excited to hear it.

Oh and here’s a moment of zen: