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Wrote a very short, twisted take on a familiar fairytale recently, for a ‘zine my friend Brayton J. Cameron was putting together called Dear Deer Wolf Bear Shark. The story had to feature one of those animals. I almost went with a tale about Bambi’s zombie mother…but I went with the fairytale.

Did you know that “Blog” translates roughly into “Egocentric-living-tombstone” in ancient Sanskrit (as apposed to contemporary Sanskrit)? True story.

On Sunday, filming begins on a short film I wrote titled “Broken Wings” (based on the prelude chapter to an epic poem I wrote, Souls Unsure). It’s about a sad, fallen angel who answers the prayers of a sad, abused little girl. Matty Jacobson shall direct it. More details on that as it happens.

My bestest-scientist-friend, Torrie Turner Jones is very recently published. I hope to learn enough science from her so that I may one day branch off into Mad Science. I also owe her a much deserved brown fedora when she gets her doctorate.

While some of the things in the writing of one of my favorite authors (Neil Gaiman) are quite frightening…I never thought I’d actually find the man himself scary. But he turns the creepy up to a notch I can respect in a recent trailer/featurette for the upcoming film version of his book Coraline (for those who don’t know, it’s a rather creepy children’s book about a girl who goes into an Other world full of Other people, much like the ones she knows, but they all have sewn in buttons for eyes…and this little video illustrates how that is an elementally and inexplicably scary image). Check it out:

The Coraline Movie website is a fun bit of internet too. If you explore it enough, you’ll find a fun feature that allows you to turn your own snap shots into creepy portraits with button eyes.

And so, here are some portraits of Other Joshua…