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Happy pumpkin season and witching hour.

Remember to follow the Ignus Fatuus glow.

And ask Stingy Jack for a lantern.

Once upon a time, I won a novel contest. Many and many a year ago…

And now that’s finally heading towards fruition.  My editor contacted me. White Wolf has given the go on continuity and such.  Time to dig out the current draft of the manuscript…shove it back into my head…

November, which is NanoWrimo month, will see me on my own novel scramble. I’ll be polishing about 100,000 words (give or take).  Conan dialogue writing by day and novel by night.

“All work and no play…makes Jack a dull boy.”

Thankfully I won’t have time to type that all over a page or on the walls or ceiling.  That never leads to anything good anyway. Though I can make pretty nifty faces threw axe-holes in doors. But I digress.



What’s it about?

Well, while writing twitter-sized micro stories (140 characters a story) I did manage to distill it down to six little sentences:

I met Jane D. at work. She tells me who hurt her. Her hand tightens around mine. She smiles. This is love. This is rigor mortis.

Also…going over my notes…I did manage to find this handy, sophisticated, visual-plot flowchart that outlines the many nuances of the novel.

That’s all for now.  Check back for more.  I’ll surface from the pile of writing from time to time over the month, to update you all on the gory particulars of an unraveling mind and a deadline.  Good luck on all of you participating in NanoWrimo.  Keep me updated.  I’ll keep you updated.  And we’ll all get out of this alive.


Remember, carpal tunnel is the enemy.  Stretch!  Limber up.

And self-doubts are little imps best brutalized with pipe wrenches, chainsaws, and falling anvils that you create in your head.  It’s not enough to just say they’re dealt with.  You really gotta anthropomorphize them and imagine brutally slaying them.

It works.

Do it.

I want to start hearing you all comparing self-doubt kills of the week in bloody detail.  I want the kill counts to wrack up with the word counts.  Splatter those pages with gory ink!


Semper fi!

Kobra Kai!

Do or die!