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Currently sifting through the rubble of reorganizing EVERYTHING. Looking to up production and words and weirdness in the not so distant present. But right now…that means a bloody weekend of Caffeine fueled reorganization, slaughtering To-Do’s in procrastination mass-murder. Then, I’m going to tackle world peace.

Until then, random thoughts from the last few weeks:

*Inputs. Outputs. Does it bother you that, right now, your computer is having sex with the wall while staring you right in the eye?

*I wonder if the accents make me miss-hear eavesdropped conversations across the office: “It reduces moisture and has midget-pumping action.” I really need to write a short story that starts with that line…

*At that moment, he realized Twilight’s industrious anti-fans had done far more to cement its immorality in pop culture than the fans. But by then…it was too late. He fell to his knees, on the beach, having a loud Charlton Heston moment.

*”You look so dangerous,” an old man said to me, in a bakery, one morning, earlier in the week. Then he told me about Nazis and World War II and World War III. Afterwords he said, “Maybe you don’t look so dangerous…but then, neither did those Germans…”

*Scathing is what passes for wit these days.

*Someone reviewing my video game dialogue suggested I may need therapy. Best. Compliment. Ever!