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Once upon a time, I listened to an awesome podcast — a full cast, radio drama style bit of lovely called Wormwood: A Serialized Mystery. I was (am!) a huge fan. Now, a comic book featuring some of those characters (Sparrow & Crowe) is soon to be released, and the above full page ad features a creator quote by me. Fandom comes full circle! You can see the ad in the May addition of Diamond’s Previews catalog (in a comic store near you later this week).

Conversations at the office

I work at a game studio, where conversations are fun. Events at the office today may have caused me to say:

“If I dropped a heavy dildo on my keyboard, I’d end up with a better sentence than that.”

Also, I had a meeting with one of my bosses. I’m doing work on two different games right now, so there’s multiple bosses. The writing meeting opened up something like this (the names have been changed to protect the devious):

BOSS:  “Josh, did you cut your hair?”

ME:  “Yes I did.”

BOSS:  “Hmmm…you got your Greek on. Do you have any Greek in you?”

ME:  “It’s possible.”

BOSS:  “There’s something about you…a…a sexual anger that’s very Mediterranean. Clara, what do you think? You’re a woman.”

CLARA: “Oh, God…”