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A valentine for a valentine, loveling. Have Simon Meeks send you something sweet. Leave a review comment for Strangeness in the Proportion, and I will send you a Jane Doe toe tag book mark (genuine toe tag). Just leave the review and email me (scrivnomancer@gmail.com) your shipping particulars. This is a bribe for a comment, not for the content of the comment. Tell me I suck a bucket of sloth extremities, and I still send you a toe tag. Let’s have some strange love!

Speaking of strange love…get a FREE sample story from the upcoming Weird Romance anthology. It’s like downloading the single before the killer album.

A happy V-Day to all, whether you celebrate it genuinely…or are hip and trash it as a commercial institution…or are double hip and circle back to loving it genuinely despite that (because every holiday is now a series of tweets by the hip telling us why we should loath that particular day…except Halloween…that’s still cool to genuinely enjoy…for now…).