My thoughts this week have been a roiling, burning, churn-churn-churn. All frayed fibers and caffeine burn. I have absolutely no idea how to express myself to the right people (and I make a living expressing). I didn’t sleep a minute of Sunday night. More than one somebody I know has recently found out they’re not long for this world, and one has already passed (far too young). More post-it reminders on the mortality fridge saying, “Live! Live! Live” and “Do! Do! Do!” and “Say! Say! Say!” My problems are tiny by comparison. And it seems like obligation eventually swallows everyone in life. Comfortable oblivions. I keep bouncing around on my silly little adventures, and one by one, another someone fades into “real life.” I can’t rightly hold it against them, but it gets a lonelier riding dinosaurs.

More coherent, useful posts (on life developments, moving, travel, and upcoming publishing/reading events) coming soon. Stay tuned. Tonight, I’m off across the Ocean in search of vikings.