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My nerdling broodmates, hearken! I have visited the phenomenon known as GenCon since I was sixteen. This year, I go in a more professional capacity as part of its Writer’s Symposium. The schedule for the symposium has just been released, and I’ll highlight my events below. Between those events, I’ll be there to sign things, hand out toe tag bookmarks, play some games, drink libations, meet people new and known, and cast dark rituals. I hope to see as many of you as possible. Perhaps we’ll shake some dice and tell a story or raise a glass.

My schedule:


2:00 PM — Signing (Room: Exhibit Hall)
 6:00 PM — Reading: Joshua Alan Doetsch and Suzanne Church (Room: Causus)


9:00 AM — Marketing: Social Media 101 (Room: Chamber)
11:00 AM — Writer’s Craft: Creating Truly New Ideas (Room: Chamber)
2:00 PM — Video Game Writing: What NOT To Do As a Game Writer (Room: Cabinet)


12:00 PM — Signing (Room: Exhibit Hall)
 3:00 PM — Video Game Writing: Worldbuilding for Game Worlds (Room: Cabinet)