Lenore is in the blue. That means her eyes fog up a light blue color and she gets a little duller and she will soon shed. Egyptians believed this was a sign of a snakes true immortality, that it could slough off old age, rejuvenated. It also means she isn’t particularly hungry (not until she sheds anyway). And, amongst the hidden shadow courts of the mouse kingdom, there was much rejoicing.

I myself am in a funk. Not the sad kind…but the delirious variety. I was up till 8 am this morning, writing a story for short fiction class today. It took all night. It’s a story I’ve tried to write for two years now…I could just never make it fully work in my head. It’s a monstrous amalgam of Oedipus Rex, an Edgar Allan Poe poem, and Jerry Springer…I just had the audacity to squish it all together…a sort of Gothic Absurdist Greek Tragedy (welcome to the age of hybrid genres!!!). It’s called “The Complex.”

The story always intimidated me, and it always won the stare down competition. In fact, I’ve written at least two stories and thought up several more, to avoid writing this very story (one of which, “Teddy Bear Rex,” will appear in Eureka Literary Magazine this Spring…check it out). So I guess it’s constructive procrastination. On the other hand, once I finish all these alternative stories (along with the “The Complex” and “Teddy Bear Rex”) I will have enough Oedipus Rex derived stories to cause my therapist concern. Well…I don’t have a therapist…but it causes my hypothetical therapist much concern (though…to be honest, I think she suffers more concern over the fact that she doesn’t exist, which causes all sorts of philosophical problems in our talks).

In any event…I could use a good rejuvenation, through sloughing off my weary skin. But I’ll settle for 8-10 hours sleep tonight (as I don’t work until 3pm tomorrow…today).

I’ll leave things at that…except for one last detail. I visited the Eureka website today and what do my delirious eyes spy? My brother’s mug. Observe…

Doesn’t Nick look adorably studious?

Pleasant dreams to all.

And To all a good night.

…I have to confess I’ve had a lot of zombie slaying dreams lately…but one of them involved an amorous encounter with a girl (what can I say…I’m a romantic at heart).