Well…I haven’t gotten it on with mistress livejournal in a while…so it’s time to give some good journal.

I had my reading on Sunday, at the Schizoclub in Chicago (I’ve posted the website enough…just scroll down). Not a lot of people but it was fun. My parents came out. Dave and Adrian came out (thanks guys!). Genenda came up with me to, which was nice of her given the ambiguous nature of things.

Adrian said I had a good reading voice and would, in fact, hire me to read stories to her (THAT will be my hired position if you guys ever get that mansion up and running…court storyteller). Well, my ego was certainly tickled…

Recently, I used a computer program to measure Lenore (snakes are difficult creatures to measure otherwise). Accordingly, she is 22.5 inches, 3 months, 13 days, 4 sheds, and 34 mice long…

Also, being that she is an endangered species and that this particular species (the Eastern Indigo – Drymarchon Couperi) lacks enough hard data, I did do some scientific recording and one experiment.

Now, on the snake forums, there are silly disputes on what would happen if an Indigo met a Kingsnake (both snakes eat other snakes). This is a macho waste of time. It is pretty evident what happens when a king confronts the indigo…as shown below:

No…I put my scientific mind to a much more serious task. We know what happens in the king/indigo scenario…but…

Can an indigo, in fact, defeat……..


While I am biased, I have to grudgingly admit that the outcome is not as clear or definite as the indigo/king scenario.