It’s late. I’ve been researching and writing about things that go bump in the late night. I’ve been working on a story composed of smaller stories. I wanted to finish it for tomorrow night’s (that is to say, tonight’s) reading in class. But I only finished outlining the story and fleshing out the characters and completing one of the mini stories. So I guess I’ll turn in the mini story. I’ll get back to the whole later.

“Work is its own cure,” says a line in a poem about writing…and it’s right. I felt anxious and talent less earlier…but now I feel better. “You have to like it better than being loved.” Maybe that’s correct too…in its own way.

Remember that freaky comic strip I ranted about, the one that says trick or treating is against Jesus? (if not scroll down a bit) Well, Halloween has enemies from the opposite end. READ THIS to find out about a school district in Washington that banned their Halloween parties because depictions of witches is not politely correct towards people who practice Wicca. So Christians and Wicca agree on one thing…and it just happens to be the bane of my beloved Holiday. BAH! (I don’t have the energy for another rant on this…so just pretend I did)

Speaking of Halloween. It’s upon us friends. What are everybody’s plans? For me, the center of events happens on Saturday, with the party at Jeramie and Amy’s place. I believe their invite email instructed us to spread the word…so this is me spreading the word (whether you got that email or not…come on!).

This weekend is Jordan’s play. Nick wants me to spread that word. And here I am, again spreading words. Actually this is me spreading W O R D S. Get it? I’ll be seeing that Friday.

But what of the rest of Friday night and Sunday? I have not yet had either a horror movie night nor a sit down with some friends (some booze) and some ghost stories. Perhaps either Friday or Sunday a group may get together to do movies/stories and then, on the left over night, hit a local haunted house or something. What say everyone? Let us not forget vampire tag (see earlier post).

OK…birds are singing. That means time for bed.