OK…nearly ready for a fun, frightening weekend in Eureka. Just turned in a new story “For Poor Lucy” to BLOODLUST UK and am packing up so I can leave after work tomorrow.

So here we go…going to see Nick (and everyone else) in Jordan’s play tomorrow. After that it’s haunted houses and perhaps a meeting in the place with the thing (and rum).

Saturday night is Jeramie and Amy’s party. Be there! I’m told all are invited…do NOT assume that you are not. If you need directions, call Amy/Jeramie (or me at 224-627-6836). If you need a ride from Eureka, give me a call.

Then Sunday (Halloween!) is a bit open. If Jeramie and Amy don’t mind some company and help with trick or treaters…maybe a lazy evening of ghost stories and scary movies would be good. Maybe another haunted house later.

OK…everyone hop aboard the Halloween Weekend Express!!!

Ok….that last part sounded lame….just have an awesome Halloween (despite what misguided religious comics might say on the subject.