I’ve only done it a couple of times in the past…but I find myself doing my HAPPY PUBLISHING DANCE. My poem, “Poe Goes to the Singles Bar” has just been accepted by Raven Magazine (their website HERE). It’s a sort of Maxim and Playboy type magazine. Which will make mentioning it to relatives interesting (“Yeah, it’s just two pages past the center fold.”) I don’t know which is more exciting…that I’m getting published or that, when the mag is closed, my words could very well be touching a naked chick. My poem will be in the February issue. Well…I guess I’ll get a subscription then (according to the website, subscriptions are on sale now for 18 bucks, for the next three days, at which point it goes back to $56).

A great ending to a Halloween weekend. Friday I went to see Nick in Jordan’s play. I was too late and it was too packed. But…I did get to drink Rum with Kris and Wil (dammit Wil…your lack of a second “L” has my computer yelling at me, telling me it’s a typo…and I just can’t shake her of the notion). Saturday, I saw the play (good job guys) and found out that Nick was nominated for the Irene Ryan competition. Then…we dressed up and made off for Jeramie and Amy’s Halloween party. This year we went as Spy vs. Spy thanks to the painful, gooy magic of spirit gum and facial prosthetics that we made ourselves. Here are some pics…a little washed out (white faces and flashes don’t mix)…but maybe I can get pictures from the other people that took them.

A lot of people did not end up showing up to the party…but we all had fun none the less. Scary movies and many laughs and then to bed, but a good portion of us stayed till the next day for continuous Hallowed fun. We saw yet more movies (including The Grudge) and then, after the Trick or Treaters went home, went out to a haunted house in Bloomington (CREATURES CRYPT). It was surprisingly high tech and good (including the mechanical monster that almost took off Jeramie and Dave’s head. The Egyptian ghoul girl said to stay with her forever…and I wanted to…but dam it all, I was between people and they were moving forward (should have gotten her number…stupid-stupid-stupid!).

Haunted house concluded, we split up as a group and Nick and I went back to Eureka. I stayed the night and we watched Shaun of the Dead. Excellent! Thanks for the bootleg Rich.

And now I buckle down, past my Halloween fun, and into a hopefully productive November. Most folks make their resolutions after New Years. I’m making mine after Halloween this year…