Election day…I feel like posting news bits (mostly borrowed from Neil Gaiman’s blog). What is happening in this crazy world…

Well, there was a local republican group accusing their apponent in a mayoral race of being “satanic” because he writes horror fiction (story HERE). Never mind that “satanic” does not mean “scary stuff” but implies having something, at least remotely, to do with…Satan.

Obviously these particular horror hating republicans are not aware of the GOTHS FOR BUSH website.

And for all you Lord of the Rings fans out there…did you know that Hobbits did exist? Well…sort of. There’s been a discovery of a “little people” – fossils of a small, relative of man that existed at the same time man did…for a while, and may have facilitated world folklore of “little people.” Check the article HERE and ANOTHER ARTICLE HERE.

Well that’s the news for today – the little Republican who cried Satan – Bush supporters in black lipstick and trench coats – and Hobbits in geological history.

And one final…happy bit. A few weeks ago, I did (at the very last minute) a paper on Shakespeare (I may have wined about it on this very journal). Well…got it back today…expecting to have to rewrite it…and I managed an A.

Thank God…I was ready to change my ways and work harder and everything…