It looks like I’ll be doing another reading at THE SCHIZOCLUB in Chicago on the 16th of December (8pm-11pm). Though this time I’ll be bringing some writer chums along with me. Should be fun. Feel free to drop in. The club also now has a FORUM to discuss this and that.

My Shakespeare paper is concluded. That leaves a final short story and a final essay to complete before I can get back to working on my epic poem full time. And full time it must be as I need a draft done by January. Which means that, mid December, my entries will likely be half crazed posts saying things like, “WORDZZZZ……HARD…..” And other similarly profound thoughts.

But I should go to sleep. The afore mentioned story has a lot of ambitious kinks to work out of itself…and, as I’ve decided to rework a set of Poe stories, I feel obligated to do well, lest my Edgar Allan Poe action figure come alive, leap out of its packaging and drown me in my cold coffee.

That’s my bit of practical advice for today: appease the dolls.