It’s nearing 6:30 am. I am delirious with caffeine. My short story for today is only a smidge done. An all nighter will certainly drift into the day. That’s OK…the coffee shop will be open in a half hour, which means I can go park over there, and finish this thing and work, sans the temptation of wasting time online (as I’m doing now) and actually be at this freaking place when it isn’t closed!

At this delirious state, weird thoughts go in and out of my head. I’m just going to snatch one right now, and splatter the moth winged thing onto my plasma screen…

…I was thinking about the strange similarities and differences between my fellow black trench coat wearing friend Wil (with one “L”) and myself. I think it comes down to this: Wil’s soul is half empty and my soul is half full. Thus, we are in many respects the same – in the proportion. But strangely, we are quite different – in the perspective. Either way, it makes for an interesting dichotomy. Either way, that’s still a full half of ourselves, each, that we can fill with RUM.

Speaking of which, there is a half jug of rum sitting not four feet from me now…no…have to finish the story. So it’s downtown Sprinfield-bound, am I.

“Hangin’ round
Downtown by myself,
And I’ve had too much caffeine,
And I was thinkin’ about myself,
And there she was…”

My muse I hope…

Wish me luck!