Today I started running with Torrie and Jess. We’ll be doing it at 5:30 in the morning…which means I’ll be doing it just before going to bed. That’s cool. That’s about the time when things are all misty and the park we run in looks pretty cool when its misty (mostly I just like seeing a lot of large trees…it reminds me of Northern Illinois and home).

Today I finally named my car for those of you who think that will help it. She will hereafter and forevermore be known as PERSEPHONE.

Also, over the weekend I conducting a scientific experiment that will help mankind leap forward in ways unheard of since Prometheus stole the gift of fire and bequeathed it to mere mortals. I’ll post the results of that experiment later today.

Right now…I gotta sleep.

My mouth hurts.

I can still here the dentist drills.

They had a sign, letters burnt into the solid wood, saying PULLING TEETH IS A SCREAM!

I don’t like that sign.

I sleep now.