Thursday day went well. I had my meeting with my thesis committee and we adressed my epic poem, what needs to be done, time tables for it to be done, and the necessary paperwork. They liked what they saw and heard. Their comments and guidance ended up being only minimal, taking up only half the designated meeting time. One professor mentioned her concern, “It feels like we should be doing more.”

Another prof. replied, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

They then told me I was entering cool experimental waters, dabbling in several genres as the academic, something different from the other projects they had been parts of. Uncharted waters – here there be monsters. I’m sure I smiled. It was encouraging. Enough so to make me want to push further, to keep going until the monsters are scared into servitude. Here there be Josh.

Thursday night was an emotional train wreck – the worst thing I’ve ever had to do (I don’t have the strength to write about that).

This Sunday Nick and I will get to see the product of a lot of hours of free labor…Mike Urniki’s movie, Black Days, will premier in Chicago.

After that…I will shut myself away in Springfield until March 9th (I HAVE to). I’m going to run the marathon and see if I can write this pesky epic in that time.