Mary Shelley, died on this day in 1851

Yesterday, Nick, my brother, was shot, point blank, five times, till the gun was empty…on the silver screen. That’s how his character goes in the Michael Urnikis, indi flick, BLACK DAYS.

On a more serious note, Hunter S. Thompson shot himself dead, yesterday.

I think the movie turned out well. It was neat seeing the cast again. And…and, I’ve got the official movie t-shirt to boot.

Most of my work on the film, was behind the scenes, but I did get to make an appearance in the “stripper scene” as a drug dealer. This involved a costume of…well…pretty much my normal cloths (plus couple bits of scary jewelry).

Oh…and, assuming I get this thesis done in time for the semester, my public reading will be on April 20th at 6:00 pm.