“I can’t stand to see the morning come,
While the evening rain’s still falling.”

-Moby, “Evening Rain”

Running in the rain, rocks! I ran two and a half miles tonight, without stopping. I’m high on an endorphin/pride cocktail and feeling muscles I forgot about sometime around my freshman year of college. It’s almost, almost, better than the writing high – when every other problem seems distant and unimportant. Thanks Torrie.

Then…too exhilarated to stop driving and listening to music, I drove to Rocco’s grave. Got out with the geese and the rain. I stood for ten minutes or so and smelled the rain. I love smelling the rain. It’s my favorite part of the changing seasons. You can feel rain in the winter, but you can’t smell it, sense it in the same way.

I ran into Veronica today. I used to hang out with her and a bunch of my, then neighbors, last year and the year before. She gave me her number with a promise that we had to go for drinks before she graduates. She was one of the girls, when we used to hit the bar and clubs in Springfield, who told me that, despite my racial handicap (me being white) I was a good dancer (better than my apartment mate, who did not suffer the same debilitation…and still doesn’t to my knowledge). That ranks up there with being told, by a Brazilian woman, that I “understand” death and sex, despite my cultural handicap. Wow…I need a made-for-TV movie, about the trials and tribulations of struggling against all my handicaps. WHY THE F%#$ DID WE MAKE THIS: the Joshua Doetsch story . . . tonight on Fox!

Also, I just received a picture of Lenore’s Daddy. Here he is:

Now that is a picture that warms my heart. He’s the black snake on the left hand side. The snake on the right is a Ball Python. Can’t wait till Lenore is that size! She is really starting to get her growth on (compared to the little squiggly thing I picked up last July). I can really feel the weight when I pick her up now.

Time to write about witches in England…