Months back, my Shakespeare teacher really liked my critical lit essays on the Bard, particularly one I wrote about the Fool archetype. He entered it into some sort of contest that honors critical papers every year. Today he announced, in class, that I won. There was a certain satisfaction, as dozens of confused heads whirled back to me, the kid with long hair, black close, and skull necklaces, half asleep in class.


The academic papers have gone so well this year. How? I wait till the last minute. I don’t always pay attention in class (the ratio of sexual frustration and my attention span are diametrically apposed). I’m glad for all the praise…but I just have this sneaking paranoia that one day, the academia police will bust down my door and reveal me as a flim-flamming fraud.

I thought for sure, this would come about when I got back my History paper. Our class is “Shakespeare’s England” meaning that it is half lit, half history (taught by two teachers). My paper on Witchcraft in England was my first non literary, non creative writing paper that I’d done in years (let alone at the grad level). Sure, my little tricks work for literary analysis…but how could I hide from the scrutiny of a history teacher? But the paper said “A.” The teacher wrote that my topic was interesting and very well argued.

So screw paranoia. I’m going to enjoy this. I have another credit to go on my resume for when and if I need to find a teaching job (in between things). I’ll also work with my teacher on getting the afore mentioned Shakespeare essay ready for publication somewhere.

Oh…and apparently, my Christopher Walken card trick (mentioned a few posts back) has reached some kind of mythic status…and spread on the web. My Dad told me a few friends of his found mention of my performance on some website. More on that later…