A friend recently said that the more tired I am, the smarter I am. I must be a freaking genius right now, as I’ve been up for 32 hours. I just have the energy and time for a sum up…

-In movie news, the new version of BLACK DAYS (directed by my good friend Michael Urnikis) is showing at the Gene Siskel Film Center tomorrow. Mike is very excited about this newly edited and mastered version, and stoked that two execs from Miramax are going to see it. Afterwards we party.

-In other movie news, Nick, Rich, Brittany, and I will be extras, on Monday, for a new Vince Vaughn movie. We get to (along with many others) play Cubs fans at Wrigley Stadium (and getting paid to sit in the stands).

-My religious grandmother pulled me aside to express her concerns about the “dark stuff” I write about and that she’s worried I’m delving into “the occult.” I tried to explain that I write fiction. I couldn’t get through. I tried to explain bleak settings make themes like hope all the more precious. I couldn’t get through. She said she thinks I’m very talented from the little of my stuff she has read and that I could use my “gift” to really touch people. I tried to explain that, this was the plan. I couldn’t get through. 😦

-The money is in for my new stage sword. Nick and I await our Rapiers so that we can practice again and hopefully not loose the training that we got a few weeks ago. We did get a VHS tape of the Unarmed and Sword fighting scenes we performed.

-I have till Thursday to write the expanded synopsis and first chapter (having advanced to the second round) for a novel contest I entered a while back. I get past this round and I get a thousand bucks and a chance to write the whole thing. I could use the money and the credentials…so I think I’ll just go ahead and win this fucker.

-Finally…Josh is out of money and out of time. Limited resources and stuff to do come Summer’s end. Just a warning…I might not be available all that often, so if I can’t make an event or another, it’s nothing personal 😉

Well…early to bed, early to rise. No…don’t go to bed the night before and, if the thoughts quite down in your head, early to bed tonight, and early to rise in the morning (and marveling over how bright everything is).