The new premiere of Black Days went very well. Mike’s new editing, cuts, and effects were great. We also got to see a music video of the movie, with a song written for it by a local Chicago musician. Also, Mike, after the movie, publicly thanked Nick and I for our hard work on the movie (on and off screen). He even went as far to say that the movie wouldn’t have happened. It was nice of him. While I can’t help but agree that we worked hard on that very sleepless winter break, those are the kinds of favors that can be overlooked and the appreciation was much appreciated.

And the cast/crew party was a blast I got to hook up with some past friends from the set (it was a grueling, often hectic shoot, and everyone bonded), with an exchange of phone numbers and the promise of future hook ups.

The best part about wearing a suit is wearing a batman shirt underneath, so that, when you finally have to leave, you can suddenly turn to the friends and/or strangers around you and say “I must shed my everyday disguise!” – then rip open your shirt, revealing the emblem, and dash out the bar.

Monday I get to be paid to sit in Wrigley Stadium 🙂