Very…tired…thoughts…hard…quick…before sweet torporous oblivion takes me…



Ok…it looks like I’ll be spending the weekend in the Bloomington/Eureka.  Tentatively, I and Nick and Torrie (and perhaps others) will be hanging with the two coolest cats to breed a brood since Dee and her amazing keyboard typing infant…that is to say…Amy and Jeramie.  I imagine we’ll hit some haunted houses and watch some horror flicks and do whatever other macabre enterprises come to mind.  Anyone else interested?


I think Saturday I’ll see The Fantastics…and who knows what after that.


There’s still time in there for ghost stories, more movies, more haunted houses, and maybe wandering around (with a motley crew of friends) in full costumes.  Any takers?


I’ll have to better learn my Oedipus lines as well.



So tonight we had our first real run through.  I had to have my lines down…or at least well enough that I could wing it and not call for lines.  I thought my head was going to explode.  I pretty much rewrote a two page section (I’m sure Sophecles doesn’t mind) while on stage…and was a little pissed at myself of getting that (and some other areas) wrong.  But the director still seems impressed with what I’m doing, and having as much as I did memorized and he and the rest of the cast/crew gave me a little round of applause in the middle of giving his notes (which was nice of them…and might have stopped me from having an aneurism).  Afterwards, a couple of the guys in the cast invited me to go drink with them and their friends at a karaoke bar.  I sang “Zip Gun Bob” and some an Eagles song that I did not sign up for (the bastards filled out the card for me…without my knowing it).  I didn’t know the song…but they said I sounded like it…



Another update in the epic of my friend, Mike Urnikis’s independent movie (which I helped as a PA, Nick and my Sister acted in, and I made a cameo as a drug dealer).  For those who have been keeping track (and those who haven’t) he had a couple of showings of it, in Chicago, over the last year and he’s been sending it around, trying to get it picked up by a studio.  The cast and crew will be getting the DVD of the movie very soon.  The website ( is updated with all kinds of new features, including a journal of the production.  In which I found a little pic (below) of me and the lead actress (Maggie).  Among my many little duties and odd jobs on the flick, I sort of wordlessly inherited the duty of giving Maggie neck rubs, of which, neither of us complained.  Oh…and there’s another pic…apparently I’m getting release forms ready for extras.  Oh…and just for fun, there’s a pic of the main character (played by Steve Cinabro) after he’s had the crap kicked out of him (you should see the other guy).