Oedipus Rex is over.


I cleaned fragrant, mint flavored blood off my face and arms for the last time (though I managed to nab the bloody rag I wore about my eyes as a souvenir…though I have not managed a reason why).  Saturday night was our best show…much more energy…I think I varied my tones much better too, much more in the moment.  I guess it was a good night to be at our best, as that’s when the ACTF (American College Theatre Festival) adjudicator was there.  She gave comments afterwards and had a lot of glowing words for all of us (despite the school paper’s strangely written review which goes on a two paragraph hang-up on my delivery of the word “Bitch”).


Sara Joy was also nice enough to make it out for the show.  She sat in during our comment session with the adjudicator and then stuck around to hang out in sleepy, sleepy Springfield (where tired coffee shops go to die…but shant go on a local night life rant yet again…).


I had lots of nice people come and see the show for me, including Torrie, Nick, Genenda, and my parents (which begs the question…what’s the proper way to hug one’s mother after performing Oedipus?).


Nick’s sword came in, at home.  Which means we’ll likely spend the winter break scaring neighbors as we try and figure out if we still remember our fundamentals from the stage combat class.


My Mom called me at 3:30 am tonight.  She and my Dad had just gotten back from a late flight.  I am just the most dependable son and my Mother knows she can depend on her nocturnal son being up at such a time.  It appears, during the trip, the family parrot (which had been with us for 20 years or so) had passed away.  It’s a strange-sad thing to consider after so long.


And though the play is over…theatre activity continues for this, until recently, shut away writing masters…


UIS is holding it’s student directed scenes (for a class) in December.  Some of the Eddy Rex cast members are in this class and asked me to try out.  I did so.  One of them told me that they were all impressed (I wasn’t…but I don’t think any performer is ever impressed with his/her performance in a cold reading) and they were all fighting over who got to have me (Cue head swelling…NOW).  She asked if it would be alright for me to perform in two scenes.  Well…my ego had been stroked and when that happens I purr…only I can’t actually make that purring noise and it always just comes out as, “Sure…whatever you say.”  So I’ll be in two scenes come December.  I’m a sleazy, lawyer/con-artist in one…I’ll find out what I am in the other tomorrow.


Oh…and one final thought.  If you like weird word-play…listen to Ken Nordine’s WORD JAZZ.  My attention was just brought to it recently…and I think it’s pretty damn awesome.  It plays on Sundays on Chicago Public Radio.  Or go to the website at www.wordjazz.com