I got an email today that made me smile.  Kelsey was a thirteen year old who, along with her cousin, came in at the last minute to play the parts of Oedipus’s daughters in the play.  They come in, at the last few minutes, and cry with their now eyeless father, as he is exiled.  No lines, but these two had the tough job of not only having to suddenly come on, with no buildup, and be at a heightened state of emotion (theatre actors who have tried film will no the challenge of this) – but they also had to embrace a guy covered in sticky, sticky blood (ever time I moved my hands off their heads, they’d loose hair).  They were troopers.


Hey Josh,

 Hello Josh it’s me Kelsey Power {Ismene one of your daughters from the play} I just wanted to tell you thanks. For everything, you made my first performance one that I wil remember for years to come. And you are the one you made me realize that I really like acting. Because normally actors are stuck up mean people but you are the complete opposite. You made me laugh almost everyday. And I was really happy to get to know you on the set of Oedipus. So thanks again.