Home once again (but for how long?).

This weekend, I was near Cape Cod, at a magician’s conclave.  Saw some shows and tricks and workshops.  Though I really didn’t learn much in the way of new tricks, instead, through a Chicago cop who is in the local magic club and went with us, I learned how to use a set of lock picks and can now get through padlocks pretty quickly.


I figured it was about time I start picking up the skills that Central Illinois police think I have.


Now it’s go time for the White Wolf novel . . . so . . . sorry to my friends if I sort of disappear for a month.  In researching for the novel, I may, again with the help of my Chicago cop friend, be able to go tour the Cook County morgue and maybe even talk to a medical examiner or two.  From the very vivid way he described the smell of the place, it seems to me I need to witness it first hand to get some good material.


Also, Nick and I will be performing a little magic bit during a burlesque show, in Chicago on May 7th and May 14th.


Here is the Myspace page for the show. 


And the website.


And it looks like they have a pic of Nick and I up on those pages . . . which is kind of strange – seeing a series of scantily clad ladies . . . and then us.