Egads!  It’s about time I crawl out of the refuse pile that has become of my room and update.


I’ve been incommunicado lately, spending every waking our to beg my book for the White Wolf Novel Contest complete.  It is done and sent and thanks to those of you who helped with critiques and comments on the work.  The book’s working title is Strangeness in the Proportion: a love story on the other side of entropy.  Hopefully I’ll win, and you’ll all get to see it on the shelves of a bookstore.


What else?  In no particular order:

-Earlier in May, Nick and I did some magic for a Burlesque Show.  Props that we went to the store to purchase included a box of razors, six pack of beer, balloons, candles, and a box of magnum condoms.  The show was fun . . . but it was far more fun to see the look on both the register girl and bagging girl’s faces when they saw that group of items go by.  The show, which had a few very creative and hot acts, will be available for purchase on DVD very soon.

-I’ve spent the last weekend and half week recouping from those brutal weeks of pumping the novel out.  I ingested massive amounts of caffeine (more than I ever have in my life) and I think it affected me physically.  The last day of writing consisted of about 28 hours at my computer before I finally emailed the product off and collapsed.  I got to spend the weekend away from my freaking house . . . and down in southern IL at Genenda’s new place.  We celebrated her new teaching job, new apartment, and my finished book: mostly we drank, watched movies, and read comic books – combined with being in a change of scene for a few days, was exactly what I needed.

-I’m looking a friend’s script for a short film he’s going to shoot sometime soon – seeing if I can punch it up, writing wise.  It’s a post apocalyptic story.


-I want to do a fiction reading sometime soon, maybe in Chicago . . . we’ll see what I can work out.


-I may need to start looking for a source of income soon . . . gulp.  Maybe the novel contest will come to my rescue and give me the dough to work on getting the epic poem published.  I’ll likely be teaching some writing classes online at UIS come Fall.  Just call me Professor D!


-For my birthday, my Mom got me (kind of as a gag) a complete set of Spiderman bedspread and pillow cases.  The conversation went thus:


Me: “Oh cool. Oh . . . damn . . . ”
Mom: “What is it, honey?”
Me: “I’m never getting laid again . . .”
Mom:  [laughter]

-As a final note . . . Ravens are wicked cool.