Following the erratic breadcrumb trail of memories to dreams of strange witch cabins that run about on chicken legs . . .


Sunday . . . I went to the Renaissance Fair with some friends and family.  I need little excuse to dress as a pirate so that’s what I went as.  What they didn’t tell me is that we were going to visit the Safe House afterwards.  So I spent Sunday night, drinking and wandering downtown Milwaukee dressed as a pirate.

Monday morning, my brother’s girlfriend made the sad farewell and journey back to Japan.  Sunday night’s festivities were the final farewell.  Hope I didn’t frighten her away . . . . . . .

Ah, but seriously.  We’ll all miss ya Sachiko.  It was fun punching Nick in the shoulder together (and much more affective than the normal, solo beat downs).


Monday night . . . I went to Chicago and to The Red Lion Pub to see the Twilight Tales reading.  The pub itself is pretty cool, a British style pub that I believe has a bunch of haunting stories centered around it and is a stop on some of the city’s haunted tours.


Twilight Tales is a combination publisher and writing club.  They have a website where they publish stories, comics, podcasts and such – by local authors.  They also publish print books and anthologies.  And – best of all – they focus on strange and macabre stories.  Tonight was a reading by a few authors.  But on other Monday nights, they do open mic (so I think I’ll go read there in the near future).  I suspect Monday nights at the Red Lion will become a regular thing for me.


And what else am I forgetting . . .




Just a friendly reminder.  All the info is HERE.  Be there or suffer intense longing as you gaze at the photos (posted on my blog) post-party.


Anyone coming from central IL please send me a message/email.  I’m trying to organize and make sure that everyone who needs a carpool gets in on one (gas being a whore and all).  For that matter, anyone from any direction who needs a ride/pool let me know.

This weekend, I was asked, on several occasions, if there was anyone new in my life (or some variation on that theme).  The question itself wasn’t that unusual – just sudden barrage and frequency.  No, of course, was the answer.  This last semester, and chunk of the summer, I’ve lived, with little deviance, as a very literate monk.  But hey.  Not to worry.  According to this article, average Joes and geeks are entering their golden age.


Maybe I’ll dust off my date book . . .


 . . . oh . . . it just crumbled to dust.


Ashes to ashes and all that.