This post is specifically addressed to those needing carpools to the slip n’ slide party (if you need a ride and are not mentioned, give me a shout) . . .



OK, from what I’m seeing, these people (and any other miscellaneous folk they bring along) need or are part of a carpool trekking up to the party:


Genenda (coming from Nashville, IL – that’s southern IL)

Torrie (coming from Springfield)

Kansas (coming from Eureka, right?)

Jerry (coming from Bloomington)

Sarah Joy (you’re over by Rockford, correct?)


First of all, introductions – everybody, Jerry is a swell guy I knew in high school and when I worked at a local movie theater.  Jerry, everybody else listed are fine folks that I met, in some way shape or form, through Eureka College.  Everybody shake hands.




OK.  Genenda and Torrie were already planning on carpooling up and the last I heard they were still open to other riders (more riders means easier gas bills for all).  Now depending on the size of the car in question, it is possible to squeeze everyone mentioned into the trip . . .


Genenda would go from Nashville to Springfield, and Torrie/Genenda could then travel north to Bloomington/Eureka.  Torrie/Genenda/Jerry/Kansas could then head up north via 39, which will take them to the Rockford area, on the way to my place, to get Sarah Joy.  And then the mayaham and fun as the payoff.


Of course this might not be possible.  Everyone’s to and return trip times might not sink up, or maybe some of the above mentioned people are bringing people with them (which is certainly encouraged).  We could then split into two caravans with Torrie/Genenda coming up on their own (or with whoever they bring) via 55 (or whatever their preferred route).  Maybe Kansas (and whatever other people from Eureka he can nab) pick up Jerry in Bloomington and head up 39 (with a stop in Rockford for Sarah Joy).


Or maybe there is a combination/solution I haven’t mentioned.


Feed me input my fellow revelers . . .