Heads up:  I THINK I’LL BE IN EUREKA TONIGHT (RIDING DOWN WITH NICK), for anyone with some free time in the evening.


I didn’t make it to Twilight Tales, last night, as I had hoped.  I was going to read a bunch of short-short fiction, including this new one:





She saw the hair on my palms.


“I guess I get lonely a lot,” I said in a chuckle, trying to make it a joke.  “It’s not easy being a guy, you know?”


Her smile shifted into a scowl, sudden and unnecessarily mean.


“Try being a woman,” she snapped, voice full of hormones.  “Monthly cycles of pain, blood, and moodiness.  You don’t know.”


“But I do!” I growled and she shrank back and she knew that I knew and I felt my hair thicken and my skin crawl and the moon cycle and my monthly dose of pain, blood, and moodiness.