It’s a new year, and this first month is starting off at a dash.  Mark your calendars . . .


January 22nd (Monday) – I’ll be down in Springfield, at UIS, for the awards ceremony where Souls Unsure  will be receiving the Outstanding Graduate Thesis of the year.  Apparently I’ll have to make a few short words too.

January 29th (Monday) –
I will be a featured reader at TWILIGHT TAILS.  You can check me out on their schedule, HERE.  I’ll likely be reading from my Souls Unsure book.






We were fooling around with my Dad’s new digital camera the other day, and this got snapped off . . . behold!  Joshua, melting into shadows!!! 





So my family has, on both sides, has never had much of a sense of it’s ethnic identity.  We’ve assumed we’re mostly German (my Dad’s side) and English (my Mom’s side) mixed in with a whole bunch of other genes (maybe Native American somewhere in the brew)….but recent investigation, by one of my aunts has shown that the English side, the side we thought we were the most sure about, is false – and that side of the family does not stretch back to the Pilgrims.  Nope…we’re Irish . . . very dark haired, dark eyed, Irish (maybe our ancestors got knocked up by Gypsies…).  I like St. Patty’s day anyway…I guess not I have a more authentic reason to.

The last few nights I’ve been working out with Nick on his Bow-Flex and though I still am not able to run on my wounded knee, I did do a few, 2 mile or so power walks . . . this all isn’t exactly a New Years resolution . . . in fact, I had planned to carry out this resolution several weeks ago…just about the time said knee received a grievous injury via the noble art of sledding. 


Please donate generously.


Hopefully the physical activity will cut the worst of my insomnia.


I’ve almost finished writing Secret Project X (though it’s not really a secret anymore and she knows she’s getting it).  I’ve gone back to plans to put up my website.  I think I’ll also be writing up a basic treatment for a comic book in the near future.


I’d like to slay a dragon this year . . . or maybe just make one laugh really, really loud.  I’d like to catch a mermaid.  I’d like to put a bunch of abstracts in my pocket.  I’d like to hold public tours of the haunted house inside my head.


We’ll see where the year goes . . .


And as a final moment of Zen . . . it turns out that Van Gogh was a Batman fan afterall . . .