I had hoped to post, tonight, with the wild adventures of last night.  To fill you in on just what goes on at an erotica workshop.  To give you all the decadent details.  But alas, it wasn’t meant to be.  It turned out we were celebrating my Mom’s birthday a day early and, even if I wanted to skip out on that, there just isn’t a good way to say it . . . Hallmark just doesn’t make that card . . .




Happy Wishes on Your Special Day

Sorry I Could Not Make It

But I Was At an Erotica Workshop


What goes on at such an event will have to remain in a dirty little corner of our minds (though I suspect some of our corners are larger than others’).


As for today/tonight.  I’m laid up and sick.  My fever broke sometime this morning, but I still feel like I’ve been beaten all over with doweling rods.


I’ve promised to write a heavy metal song, for a friend’s band.  This has me excited to no end.


I’d type more . . . but my molecules hurt.




May all your eye movements be rapid.