I woke up, today, with sheets soaked with sweat and a second fever broken.  But it wasn’t the first time I woke up.  The NyQuil I drank last night had the power to put me to sleep . . . but not keep me there and I woke up at hour, half hour, and quarter hour intervals, each time my mind rattling, thinking I was late for getting to somewhere.  I recall waking up at around 7:38 am and thinking, with horror, that it was in the pm and that I was late getting ready for an appointment.


I drifted in and out all day and I think it helped, because I felt a bit better when it was time to drive into Chicago.  I met Nick, a composer, about series of films that his company needs writers for.  I’m very excited about it, more than I could actually physically express.


But now, I’m getting some chills, some very unnatural chills (for me especially) that two blankets and three lap dogs laying protectively on top of me while watching Witness for the Prosecution (a great flick and it’s interesting to watch old movies sometimes, to see what film makers did with dialogue when they didn’t have special affects and steady cams to fall back on) can’t quite ward off . . . so I think I’ve got fever number three coming on.  I think I’ll let myself be chilled for a bit, before I go to sleep, I think if I try too hard to keep warm I’ll only make the fever angry . . . and it’s a two headed fever, wearing a crooked top hat on each head and with nasty claws and the types of top hats that produce, when lifted, tiny, replica’s of the monster each, that squeal and cackle in voices like shark teeth on chalkboard and my God, what is hiding under their teeny-tiny top hats?


That is an example of my mind at work.  That’s why I don’t do hallucinogens.  NyQuil is nasty enough and I expect another night of green delirium.




May all your eye movements be rapid.