Well, good news for my brother.  An agency got Nick an audition for the new Batman movie (The Dark Knight) this Saturday.  He received his scene and last night I rehearsed it with him.  Wish him luck.


He and Sachiko are down in Eureka now.  I’m debating on whether to go up there tomorrow night (that is to say, today, Friday night), meet them, party with the Eureka crowd, and then drive up with Nick to his audition (lessening any possibilities of car trouble or other hazards keeping him from getting to Batmania).


Earlier this week, Nick took a big screen and a projector from work, we had some folks over, and bundled in coats and blankets, we enjoyed the relatively warmer night by setting up our own outdoor theater in the backyard.  We watched Serenity, wind jostling the screen, us facing the forest, with the occasional yip of a coyote in the background.  It was pretty sweet and I think we’re going to make a tradition of this in the coming spring.




I’m trying to write a treatment/proposal for a graphic novel (I’m figuring out the logistics of a haunted Tommy-Gun)…but I’m tired and I think I’ll try and sleep.


Oh . . . yeah, I found out the surprise ending to Lost . . . the island is really a booger in Howard Hughes’ nose.  There!  I ruined it for all you fans.  HA!